Frequently Asked Questions

What is a co-working space?

A co-working (or shared office space) is a collaborative work environment. It is a place where businesses of any size can come together to achieve great success.

Comprising of both private offices and open floor space, a co-working space provides members with desks, internet, coffee machine, fridge, and photocopier/printer.

However a co-working space goes beyond everyone working in the same office. There is a distinct focus on social enterprise, building networks, and growing business together.

To view membership options go to Memberships.

Who Does The Membership Cover?

A membership allows the individual whose name is on the membership to have access to the facilities provided at Co. Habitat. A membership does not mean a member is able to give their access to a friend or colleague.

How Do I Pay For My Membership?

Co. Habitat provides members with a number of payment options. We would prefer members set up payment via Direct Deposit to allow for automated monthly payment.

Other options include EFTPOS, and cash.

Can A Business Hold A Membership?

Yes, a business can hold a membership. The number of members a business can have in the office at one time is determined by the number of desk spaces they have..

e.g. A business that employs ten people but knows only five employees will in the office at one time, may hold five memberships. However, the number of employees will be strictly limited to one person.

Who Can Use Co. Habitat?

Any one is permitted to take up a membership gaining access to Co. Habitat. While our focus is on small and home businesses needing that first step into commercial space, we welcome anyone that requires desk space for any amount of time.

Can Our Business Group Desks Together?

Absolutely, if you are a permanent member of Co. Habitat with numerous memberships under a business, we are more than happy to accomodate your request as best we can in the available space.

Can Members Of The Public Book The Meeting Room?

Yes, members of the public are welcome to book our meeting room for presentations.

To book the meeting room, fees do apply for both members and public. To view prices go to Facilities.

How Long Does Membership Last?

Membership is continual (excludes One Day Pass), with fees paid monthly. We believe at Co. Habitat that this provides members with ease and certainty that their place will be available as long as they need it.*

What If I Need to End A Membership?

If you need to cancel your membership at any point, whether it be due to needing more space, leaving Townsville or any other reason, all you need to do is inform us that you wish to finalise your membership.

A two month notice will need to be given prior to terminating any membership, otherwise fees may apply.

Can I Sign Up For A Short Term?

Yes, at Co. Habitat we want to make it as easy as possible for you to conduct your business. If you are only looking to use our services for a month or two, simply let us know at the time of joining.

Who Can I Bring Into Co. Habitat?

Members are permitted to meet clients at Co. Habitat in either the social areas (couches, kitchen) or at their desk space. If the meeting contains more than 3 people, members are required to book space in a meeting room.

*Management holds the right to terminate a membership without notice due to improper use of office space or breach of membership conditions. Refunds will not be provided in the case of management cancelling membership.