House Rules

In order to provide members with a professional and productive work environment, we have established a few house rules. Please abide by these rules and help contribute to a safe, healthy, productive, and most importantly happy work environment.

Hours of Operation:

Operating hours are 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday. You can contact Co. Habitat by calling the Manager on 0437 114 235.

Subject to level of membership, after-hours access may be permitted. Such access is strictly limited to members only unless permission granted by manager.


In the event of an emergency, please telephone the Manager on 0437 114 235.

In case of serious or life-threatening circumstances, please notify the responsible emergency services department by dialling 000 (Police/Fire/Ambulance).

Fire Safety:

Fire and evacuation signs are posted in conspicuous areas around the premises and in particular, behind each office door. You agree to familiarise yourself with the evacuation place (and ensure your visitors do so) and what to do in the event of a fire.

Privacy and Confidentiality:

Co. Habitat is a shared office space and collaborative work environment. You may be working in the company of others who compete with your type of business. Sensitive information may be overheard. It is your responsibility to ensure that any privacy or confidentiality obligations that you have, are adhered to. Further, you must respect the right of privacy and confidentiality of others.

Sexual Harassment and Discrimination:

You must not engage, directly or indirectly, in any sort of harassment or discrimination of others.

If you do, your membership will; be immediately terminated.

Internet Usage:

We give no warranty or make any representation about the security of our internet connection. You should take the reasonable security measures (e.g. virus protection, encryption) as are necessary for your business. You must not use our network to download or upload obscene, offensive or illegal material or engage in any unauthorised or illegal activity like hacking, fraud, cyber-bullying or ruins and selling illegal goods.

If you do, your membership will be immediately terminated.

Photocopying and Printing:

Your membership provides access to printing facilities. Printing is added to your monthly invoice at a rate of 2c/mono A4 and 20c/colour A4. We also have the function to print on A3 if required (8c/mono, 40c/colour).

Casual members are able to print for a fixed fee of $2/day.

Equipment Breakdown:

Air conditioners, printers, photocopiers and other electrical appliances can break down. Please report any breakdowns as soon as possible to the manager on 0437 114 235. Whilst every effort will be made to repair these items as quickly as possible after being notified, no guarantee of their availability is given.

Your Property and Belongings:

Co. Habitat is not responsible for any of your personal property which may be lost or damaged. Please take care ti secure your belongings, if unattended. No liability for loss, theft or damage will be accepted.


Smoking is not permitted inside Co. Habitat, anywhere ion the building generally, or within five (5) metres of any doorway leading into the building. Please smoke away from any children. All butts must be disposed of responsibly if you smoke outside. If you smoke indoors, we may engage a specialist cleaning company and on-charge their cost to you.


Except for guide dogs, no pets are allowing at Co. Habitat at any time.

Cleaning and Rubbish:

Please keep your space clean and tidy at all times out of respect for others. Please ensure any kitchen appliances used are cleaned and washed, and as appropriate, returned to cupboards and that all rubbish is placed in the bins provided. Any excess rubbish myst not be left in the public or common areas.

If your space is left in an untidy state when your membership ends (which may include excessive rubbish, any unhygienic uncleanliness or excessive mess or odour) and which causes unwarranted cleaning time, you will be required to pay us a cleaning fee.


Any damage to common property, furnishings or surfaces (including carpets) should be reported to the manager immediately, and paid for at that time. An assessment of your space will be done after your membership ends. Any non-reported damage will be repaired or replaced and charged to you.

Clients, Visitors and Guests:

They are of course permitted during normal business hours. But for meeting room bookings, two (2) guests for up to two (2) hours is considered reasonable. You are responsible for the behaviour of your guest/s whilst they are here. You must ensure that they comply with these rules and any other policies and procedures we have. If your guest/s damage common property or the premises in any way, any repair costs will be charged to you.


You and your guests must comply with all local parking requirements and show consideration to our neighbours and their vehicles at all times.


Generally, drinking alcohol is not allowed in or near the premises. If you wish to drink, please leave the premises and go elsewhere. If you are intoxicated when you return to Co. Habitat you will be asked to leave if you cause a disturbance or distress to others. Such behaviour will not be tolerated and your membership will be terminated.

Friday Afternoon Drinks:

Without detracting from the previous rule, there will be an opportunity on Friday afternoons from 4:30pm for a social and casual drink with your fellow professionals. It is not a party. Any drinking of alcohol in or near the premises outside of this allotted time is not permitted (see previous rule).


You and your clients, visitors and guests must not engage in anti-social behaviour or create excessive or offensive noise whilst at Co. Habitat. Such noise can mean loud music, loud conversations or swearing. If you want to make a complaint about excessive noise, or threatening behaviour, please notify the Manager as soon as possible.


The Police may be called if you or any of your guests:

  • refuse to leave, when asked by management;
  • cause damage to the common property or the premises in any way;
  • engage in threatening or offensive language or we receive a complaint from another member in this regard;
  • are alleged to have stolen another member’s property.


Management reserves the right to evict any member or his guest at any time for breaching these rules, or for any other reason.


If you have any complaint about what has happened at Co. Habitat, please notify the Manager on 0437 114 235, as soon as possible.