Looking to escape the home office a couple times a week?

 Do you have a team of workers looking for a professional and private office, complete with vLAN internet setup?

Co. Habitat Co-Working Space has the solution for you and your business on our easy, flexible month-to-month contracts.  

Virtual Membership:

Virtual Membership: $49/Month

¤ Permission to use address as your business address

¤ Business logo included on Co. Habitat website

¤ Perfect for those not needing physical space

Casual Space:

1 Day a Week: $99/Month

3 Days a Week: $225/Month

5 Days a Week: $360/Month

¤ Flexibile days means you work when it suits you 

¤ 4 Hours/Month access to Conference Room or Meeting Room (additional hours can be booked as required) ¤ Business logo included on our website

Permanent Space:

Permanent Desk: $500/Month

Semi-Privte Office: $650/Month (Coming Soon)

¤ Same desk every day

¤ 24/7 Access

¤ Business listed in Portfolio

¤ Leave items in your space

¤ 8 Hours/Month access to Conference Room or Meeting Room (additional hours can be booked as required)

Private Office:

Large Office: $900/Month

¤ Individually locked offices

¤ 24/7 Access

¤ Business listed in Portfolio

¤ Secure, individual vLAN for each office

¤ Freedom to bring in furniture you love

¤ 8 Hours/Month access to Conference Room or Meeting Room (additional hours can be booked as required)

¤ Optional office door sign (additional cost)

Changes Coming 2020

With our 2020 Expansion well underway, Co. Habitat is excited to announce a number of changes to our memberships on offer.

Due to the increase in office size, Co. Habitat will no longer have a differentiation between Small and Large Private Offices. We are streamlining the Private Office option to a single price point ($900/month) with the current benefits still included.

We will also be introducing a new option, Semi-Private Office.

Semi-Private Office ($650/Month per business) provides members access to a lockable office space with up to two desks, access to Permanent WiFi network and the ability to bring in additonal furniture such as book shelves and filing cabinets as needed.

What is great about this new option is it may result in members having an office to themselves while the other Semi-Private’s fill up. As these offices become filled, members will be required to share the office with another business.  Maximum two businesses, four desks per office.

This is a great option for businesses that like to collaborate or need to take a step towards addditonal desk space without requiring a Private Office.

Our membership options for the Shared Office (Hot Desks, Casual and Permanent Desks) are all set to remain as is with no increase to prices.

Co. Habitat is currently taking Expressions of Interest for 2020


Photos by Leiden Studios